Beyond Space, the Place we thought of as a forge of meetings between those who decide to travel, is the old family mansion. On the occasion of many events organized in our town, Fate Festival in particular, created by us few years ago, has now become FateLab, a project that  has provided hospitality to most of the artists who took part in it, slowly transforming itself into a point of reference for the arts and establishing a dialogue with the  community of the village.

The House, which over the years has been the setting for a continuous exchange of  experiments and knowledge from different parts of the globe, hosting dozens and dozens of families and friends, and friends of family and their friends, has been transformed from a simple domestic space to a place of creation for passers-by, artists and thinkers.

This space is full of objects from everywhere, each one resulting from an encounter and a ride with a story to tell or imagine. Without betraying the spirit of openness that has always characterized it, and conscious of the good fortune of being able to dispose of it, we have decided to continue to host passers-by, with and without a fixed abode; leaving some spaces unchanged, and transforming others according to new needs.

Our projects are always evolving: they are aimed at national and international artists and, as we believe in the power of  art to cross borders, we embarked on a new project that will be an opportunity to meet and exchange even for those artists who come from countries where a visa to move freely is very difficult, creating an international network that may facilitate the right for their ideas to be in transit.

 The application to the residence is done through spontaneous display of interest and requires the payment of a fee from artists who can move freely in order to favor the meeting of  the costs of Visa and the trip of the artists who can not afford it .

Andreina Bochicchio, our dear friend specialized in immigration law, collaborates with us in carrying out the project and will follow the legal aspects related to Visa issuing.