Some of the spaces have been adapted to new needs, others have remained unchanged…


The cellar -once a wine, oil and preserves deposit-, is now a dark room and an engraving space with a 2x1m. etching press and a bromograph, both built with makeshift  materials. 


The dining room -that has a magic little table that seated up to 20 people every Sunday, when the Family met-, is now the main laboratory, an open space that you can use according to your needs. 


Nonno Vincenzo’s studio, which has remained intact, is a space for thinking and creating, with a library full of curiosities and a media library consisting of a collection of local and international journeys and stories that he himself took up and edited, with different cameras, such as a super8, still in use.


The veranda -once used by nonna Teresa to sew and listen to the radio, which was turned on at morning and turned off at night before going to bed- is a very bright space, suitable for reading and writing, as well as for community sharing. 


The kitchen -the favourite place of Aunt Iole- has changed little, but is always provided with large pots and endless dishes to accommodate entire armies of passers-by. 


Given the position of the house, located in the upper part of the town, from the terrace you can observe most of the town, with mountains upstream and the great valley of the Volturno river, where every evening a different sunset falls.