We are Giuliana Conte and Tono Cruz, we created the participatory arts collective blee.eu.

Based between Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) and San Potito Sannitico (Italy), we travel around the world working on community-engaged art projects. Whenever we are in town, we stay in the residence’s attic with our two sons, sharing the other spaces with the artists.

Spazio Formose, the place we conceive as a hub for creativity, was our old family house. Hosting families and friends (and friends of family and their friends), it mutated from a simple domestic space to a place of creation for artists, thinkers, and passers-by.

Embracing the spirit of openness that has always characterised it, and conscious of the blessing  of having it, we have decided to continue to host artists, with and without a fixed abode.

We believe that from every encounter arise ideas that go beyond the boundaries of anyone’s space.