San Potito Sannitico is a town of about 2000 inhabitants at the foot of the Matese Regional Park, in the province of Caserta. Inhabited since ancient times, the territory has been historically a place of passage and encounter between the Apennine mountains and the lowlands, and a sanctuary of retrieval from external threats. 

San Potito locals
public art

San Potito locals are warm and welcoming, deeply connected and rooted to the land and its products. Proud of their culinary traditions (this is the home region of mozzarella di bufala and  pizza, among others), you’ll find plenty of high quality food around and will probably get invited to taste some, accompanied by an amazing coffee.

During the last decades, San Potito has experienced a cultural rebirth. Since 2004, the village annually hosted Fate Festival, a participatory arts festival in which creatives of different art disciplines (cinema, theatre, dance, visual arts…) performed or intervened in several public spaces, establishing an innovative dialogue with the local community.

As a result of this creative virtuous cycle, Fate Festival has become FateLab, a permanent open air laboratory that collaborates with national and international organisations with the scope of promoting the arts locally. Today, you can find a varied public art collection around town, with more than thirty murales done by participating artists.


The province of Caserta, located in the Campania region is an area full of history and creative energy, so if you feel in need of inspiration or just want to get some air, we can recommend several interesting places to visit nearby. 

Here you’ll find the real unspoiled Italy, with plenty of natural parks and stunning landscapes (like the Matese Regional Park), under-the-tourist-radar pre-roman and roman archeological remains (such as the Amphitheatre of Capua), Unesco Sites like the Royal Palace of Caserta and its gorgeous 3 km garden, and even the first and only failed attempt of a European anarchic republic.

Also, if you are craving some city life, Naples is only 80 km away and Rome is approximately 150 km away.




San Potito is a very small town so it can be easily navigated by foot, to move between towns we suggest renting a bike or car.  The nearest train station is 3 km away, at Piedimonte Matese. From there you can go to Caserta, Naples or Rome.

The easiest way to get to San Potito Sannitico and to enjoy what the region has to offer is by car but if you don’t want to drive, we can arrange a lift or drive you to other points of interest.